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Cidofovir hydrate 149394-66-1 Antiviral

Short Description:

Synonyms: Cidofovir, (S)-1-[3-hydroxy-2-(phosphonylmethoxy)propyl]cytosine, cidofovir dihydrate

CAS No.: 149394-66-1

Quality: In house

Molecular Formula:   C8H14N3O6P

Formula Weight:  279.19

Product Detail

Product Tags

Payment: T/T, L/C
Product Origin: China
Shipping Port: Beijing/Shanghai/Hangzhou
Production capacity: 1kg/month
Order(MOQ): 1g
Lead Time: 3 Working Days
Storage condition: Stored in cool and dry place, sealed and keep away from light.
Package material:vial, bottle
Package size:1g/vial, 5/vial, 10g/vial, 50g/bottle, 500g/bottle
Safety information:  UN 2811 6.1/ PG 3



Cidofovir dihydrate is the dihydrate of the anhydrous form of cidofovir. A nucleoside analogue, it is an injectable antiviral used for the treatment of cytomegalovirus (CMV) retinitis in AIDS patients. It has a role as an antiviral drug and an antineoplastic agent.

Specification (in house standard)




White solid, odorless, tasteless

Identification Comply
Loss on drying 10.5%-12.5%
Heavy metal ≤20ppm
Acidity 2.5-4.5
Purity ≥98%

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